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Listview - only use 'lastval' functionality with default filter behaviour #4133

cjindustries opened this Issue April 20, 2012 · 1 comment

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cjindustries Ghislain Seguin Todd Parker

The listview tracks the last value ('lastval') entered by the user when filtering items in a listview.

I suggest that this functionality should only be enabled when the default filtering callback is in use. Otherwise, it should check all items on each filter.

The reason is, is that if I've implemented a custom filtering callback, it may not be valid to only check un-hidden items on filter text changes that increase the length of the filter.

My scenario is that I'm using the data-filter attribute on items that contains formatted data and I want users to be able to separate multiple filters for the same list with commas eg. "me,you,her,him". Once the user types "me", only the "me" items are filterable since all the "you" items etc are hidden.

I plan to add a code mod to suggest this but wanted to raise the issue in case I don't get around to it (or accepted!) :)


Todd Parker

Thanks for the suggestion and PR.

Ghislain Seguin gseguin closed this issue from a commit August 02, 2012
Ghislain Seguin If the user has defined its own filtering method always filter the fu…
…ll list of items.

Fixes #4133
Largely inspired by #4135
Ghislain Seguin gseguin closed this in 35775c5 August 02, 2012
Ghislain Seguin gseguin referenced this issue from a commit August 02, 2012
Ghislain Seguin Test for issue #4133
Also created a module for custom filters and fixed the possible timing issue with a ( dirty ) hack
Levi DeHaan levidehaan referenced this issue from a commit in levidehaan/jquery-mobile August 09, 2012
Revert "Test for issue #4133"
This reverts commit ab94466.

Signed-off-by: levidehaan <>
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