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Active poor performance #4162

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In (at least), Safari (iOS 5) in an iPod 4G. The style of the active elements is very poor. I mean, when you go, to the jquerymobile page test ( and you press one of the list elements it takes like 1 second for that element to have the active CSS (the blue background). After 1 second it turns blue, but before that second it just doesn't do anything.

Sorry about my poor English but I'm from Spain. If you don't understand what I'm trying to say, please, let me know and I'll try to explain it better.


Also hen you are writing in a textbox (for example the first text input here: In at least Safari iOS 5 iPod 4G. When you click a form element. There's a big delay before it has a blue glow.


I've tested the docs with my iPod touch 4G running latest iOS at a slow internet connection and I could not confirm this issue.
The rendering is a bit slower than with an iPhone 4GS, but I see no delay like you describe.


I tested this on an iPad 1 running iOS5 and although I see a small delay, I agree with @MauriceG, this seems acceptable within the abilities of this device. Can you try to post a video to show what you're seeing?


@chusb40 - Can you provide more details so we can reproduce your issue?


Closing since we cannot seen to reproduce the performance issues as described. If still an issue, please create a test page using this template: and we'll be happy to re-open.

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