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IE7 header problem #4193

siromega opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Test in IE7 on Windows XP (in a VM). Seems to work fine in IE8/9.

It appears that IE7 is ignoring the H1's margin (top & bottom) and making the header div as small as possible.


I just noticed that...
when you have only a title or a title and a button left - the issue occurs
when you have a title and buttons left and right - the issue doesn't occur

Might help by tracking down the cause of the issue.


Well, in IE7 even with the buttons the title text is right at the top of the header area and they're missing their padding/margin so it looks wrong too.


hi @siromega

Yeah you are right. Using padding instead of margin on the title works.
The icons in the header buttons are out of position too on IE7.
Requires some more investigation.


We can fix this by adding "zoom: 1" for header/footer. Just have to check if that can have any downside.

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