Sprite icon 36 black and white has not double width of icon 18 #4205

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i recognized a difference between the positions of the icons on smartphones with pixel ratio >= 1.5.

Then i notices a length difference between the sprite image icon 36 and icon 18. (icon 36 should be exactly the double size of icon 18)
I added 3 pixel on the left and 1 on the right side of the icon 36 images, so i got a icon 36 image length of exactly double size of the icon 18 images.

This fixed it for me.

Can please somebody check this?

Thanks, Boerni

@toddparker toddparker was assigned Apr 27, 2012
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The 36 version of the sprite is indeed 4px too small. Can we replace it?


Sure, this can be adjusted but we should make sure we don't change the icon positions. Oddly, the black and white were supposed to be created from the same file so I'm not sure how they got off like this.

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The icon sprites have been replaced for 1.3 (two new icons added) and the width of 36 version is now exactly double the width of the 18 version. Closing as fixed.

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