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data-icon="false" removes icon but leaves icon padding in select menu #4252

dericcrago opened this Issue May 1, 2012 · 2 comments

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while adding data-icon="false" removes the icon, it doesn't remove the padding as you can see if you add data-inline="true".

You can however work around this by adding something "unrecognizable" to data-iconpos such as "none" or "blahblahblah" data-icon="false" data-iconpos="none".


see also #4028

jQuery Foundation member

hi @dericcrago

A fix for this issue is in review.


is this still an issue? If I am using a navbar - the icon padding is still there...

<.li><.a href="#" data-href="a" class="ui-btn-active" data-icon="stethoscope">1<./a><./li>
<.li><.a href="#" data-href="b" data-icon="false" data-iconpos="none">2<./a><./li>
<.li><.a href="#" data-href="c" data-icon="false" data-iconpos="none">3<./a><./li>


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