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selects + buttons inherit wrong font-size in list with form #4254

MauriceG opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Maurice Gottlieb Todd Parker Jasper de Groot ebaranov
Maurice Gottlieb

At the selectmenus and buttons at the end of the listview
look like mini but it seems they're just inherit the font-size of a list-divider (ui-li-divider).

Todd Parker

Good catch. Fee free to do a pull if you can track this down.

ebaranov ebaranov referenced this issue from a commit
ebaranov ebaranov Issue #4254: added CSS rule for font-size of .ui-btn-text to prevent …
…inherit font-size from .ui-li-divider, .ui-li-static
Jasper de Groot

hi @ebaranov

Nice fix. I just wanted to suggest to put your rule in the listview.css file, not button.css, below the excisting rule for read-only/divider list items:

.ui-li-divider, .ui-li-static { padding: .5em 15px; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; }

Not that it won't work otherwise, but just to keep logical order.

ebaranov ebaranov referenced this issue from a commit
ebaranov ebaranov Issue #4254: moved CSS rule for font-size of .ui-btn-text nested insi…
…de the list to the appropriate css file to keep a logical order
Jasper de Groot

This issue will solve itself when we make the changes to read-only lists including removal of the smaller font-size and padding for 1.2 (#4347). So we only need to cherry-pick the fix into the 1.1 stable branch and then remove again from master.

Jasper de Groot

Closing as fixed.


You are welcome :)

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