Android 2.3.5 & 2.3.6 regression - Header and Footer scroll with document when data-position="fixed" #4281

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On Android 2.3.5 & 2.3.6, JQM's header and footer scroll with document and then reposition (back to top and bottom) after scrolling has stopped. This happens when header and footer are set to data-position="fixed".

It appears that these versions of android have buggy CSS implementations of {position:fixed;} and therefore JQM's behavior appears erratic when compared to other adjacent Android versions.

Please see this thread for videos and a brief discussion of the issue...
#860 (comment)

@toddparker suggested I create a new issue since the discussion happened on an older issue that was already closed.


Thanks for creating this issue. As I said on the other issue, this does seem to be a bit of blip -- a regression in Android that Google seems to be fixing in later versions but as all Android issues go, it's not clear or consistent. I'm going to leave this open with a "wait and see" approach to see how this shakes out and whether we should do anything on our side.

While I 100% agree with your assessment that if it doesn't work perfectly, we should not do anything at all, we heard a lot of negative feedback when we excluded BB 5 and 6 from the fixed toolbars because their position:fixed support was so laggy and ugly. We ended up reversing ourselves and letting these back in, despite the less than ideal quality. The regression here is actually still better than either of these platforms so before we go and add pretty ugly UA code to exclude these specific versions, I'd rather see how Google addresses this and how the fixes are rolled out.

I'm leaning towards doing nothing because even though this isn't ideal, it doesn't break the user experience. It's actually quite similar to our implementation in 1.0 FWIW.


BTW - I just edited the title to be a bit clearer about the scope of this.


@toddparker That makes sense given the long view. Thanks for following up!


hey, I posted a working solution in this page #860

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@toddparker @uGoMobi This is a dup of jquery/jquery-mobile#860 which is closed this should be closed.

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I agree with @arschmitz . Closing.

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