BB Playbook flicker on slide transition - portrait mode only #4284

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I see an odd behaviour for the 'slide' transition on a BlackBerry Playbook device, running latest OS 2.01.358, using the standard built-in browser.

The problem is that there's a visible flicker on each forward slide transition -- the content slides and you're looking at the new page, and then a bright flicker. This only happens when the device is held in portrait mode (tall), and doesn't seem to happen when the device is being used in landscape (wide) mode.

I have confirmed this issue isn't specific to my app -- I consistently see this on the jQM documentation site too -- go to page and click on the 'page' button next to the slide transition.

I don't generally see this flicker with the browser's back button when it backwards-slides. I only see it on touched links going forward with slide. I don't understand what's different between portrait and landscape.

This is on jQuery Mobile 1.1.0, and I have tested on two different Playbook devices both running that latest OS release.


I'll just add that I've confirmed the issue in as well.

I have a gut feeling that this may have something to do with the reader mode in the browser. Some of my in-house devices auto-activate reader mode when you rotate to portrait, but not all. That is a separate issue, and my flicker issue happens on all the devices, but I'm still suspicious. I will also report this issue to RIM.

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ldeluca commented Oct 23, 2014

Hey @csaldanh and @jasondscott It's been a couple years since anyone has commented on this issue. Can you guys confirm whether or not this is still an issue with the latest JQM?


Im going to close this as wont fix not sure if it still happens but the playbook is low enough market share its not work spending time on a flicker.

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