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New docs: add demos #4389

jaspermdegroot opened this Issue · 10 comments

3 participants

Jasper de Groot Alexander Schmitz Todd Parker
Jasper de Groot

We are going to move the API documentation to the website and our current docs will be used for all kind of demos with "view source".

Here is a list of demos that we already have in mind:

Suggestions for other real-world demos are welcome, so feel free to comment. JS Bins are welcome too :)

Note: This ticket was originally titled "Docs: add code examples". Re-using it because of the references.

Jasper de Groot

Example of programmatically expand / collapse a collapsible:

Alexander Schmitz

@uGoMobi im also doing for for directions with the geolocation api.

Todd Parker

I think we also need to port over some existing demos to build out a kitchen sink area, maybe with ability to swap themes or swatches

  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Listviews (merge all types into a long, grouped list then do an inset variation)
  • Forms (normal/mini, hidden labels, in lists)
  • Widgets: collapsible/group

We also want some area where we have test pages with lots of permutations for testing. These can be pretty buried.

Todd Parker

Is there a branch for all this already in place?

Jasper de Groot

@toddparker - No. I am working on a local branch and looking into the structure, "view source" solution and other things we discussed yesterday before pushing it.

Update: subfolder /demos has been add to folder /docs on branch master

Jasper de Groot

We need a listview demo that uses options filterCallback and filterReveal, and the listviewbeforefilter event.

Jasper de Groot

Grouping cols demo: #5168

Jasper de Groot

I am removing the 1.3 milestone since this ticket is more a place to list demos we want to add, but not all will be ready for 1.3. Maybe we should create a wiki page too, where we list those and where people can request a certain demo.

Todd Parker

Some notes on the start of an IA/inventory

Jasper de Groot

Almost all these demos are added in the new demo center. Adding demos will be an ongoing thing, but the transition from old docs to new demos has been completed. Closing this ticket as fixed.

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