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I'm seeing a 5+ second lag from tapping a list item within a list-view, or a button within a large set of buttons, to the element getting its 'I've been selected' css, and trying to get the page it refers to.

This is with a list of 420 items, running jqm 1.1.0 on an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.

I realise that this is quite a large list, but my application deals with an awful lot of data.

I'm wondering if there is, or could be, a way of telling a page 'be as cut-down as possible' - for example, not doing css changes on select and so on - in order to make the page as responsive as possible.

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dcarrith commented May 30, 2012

@iambloke - To speed up the initial page load of the page containing the large list, It's a good idea to lazy load it. I wrote a widget for JQM which should make it easier to lazy load listviews:

After the entire list has lazy loaded, you will still see a delay because of a regression that made it's way into v1.1. The issue is open and is slated for v1.1.1. If you are like me and don't want to wait for 1.1.1, see my comment posted to issue 4340 where I specify which line number in the vclick handler to comment out: #4340


jaspermdegroot commented May 30, 2012

Closing as duplicate of #4340

@dcarrith - thanks for the pointer, I'll try that out.

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