input type textbox style is getting change on focus on it. #4506

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Hey.. I am using android 2.2.2 HTC Desire.. whenever i focus control over textbox style of the textbox gets change on focus it just shows up rectangle simple box to enter data which is working fine in iOS browser....i have tested on default android brower and opera mobile(version:12.00.ADR-1205181138)

i m using latest version jquery files from your CDN.. kindly reply on this... mean while i will test this on other android browsers

thanks in advance..


@vamanpnayak - Sorry, I don't understand your description of the problem. Can you provide a screenshot of the issue?

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With the information we have now we can't look into the problem.
Please provide a screenshot/picture of what happens with the textbox on your device and put the code you are using in our JSBin template. See
Otherwise we have to close this issue.

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Closing for now since we can't reproduce. We will reopen after a test case has been provided.


This is very annoying issue. i am facing this issue on Samsung Galaxy SIII. Below is the behaviour:

  1. On input element focus, orange color border comes up and it overrides all styling applied to input element.

  2. In phone gap, appearance of "next" and "previous" button on keyboard is inconsistent. i am not sure is it issue or normal behavior of samsung galaxy s3.

  3. if i focus on input box and then i focus on other input box, value of second input box gets truncated.

    e.g. if input box has value "5487" and second input box has value "121212121411". if i follow steps given in point #3
    result in second input box will be truncated and it will display "1212" [i.e. length of content in first input box]

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