$.mobile.defaultHomeScroll is set incorrectly when the page is short. #4571

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If I'm interpreting the following code (mobile.init.js:104) correctly it does this: Scroll to 1, Check if you are at 1, If so the true top is 0.

window.scrollTo( 0, 1 );
$.mobile.defaultHomeScroll = ( !$.support.scrollTop || $(window).scrollTop() === 1 ) ? 0 : 1;

The comments around this say scrollTop should be 1 for most browsers (non-android) so defaultHomeScroll should be 0. However, in iOS (webview, not browser) if the page is too short to scroll scrollTo( 0, 1 ) fails and defaultHomeScroll gets set to 1.

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@arschmitz @toddparker

Maybe this is the cause of the issue with the non or only partly hidden address bar we noticed.


@uGoMobi - it's worth looking into, could be.


@jakecr @toddparker I noticed that there hasn't been any movement on this issue in over 2 years. Is it still a problem with the latest jQM?

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@ldeluca this is no longer relevant we restore by default now no longer what it is so the logic is different. we also tracked down the cause of the issue @jaspermdegroot mentions here and it was unrelated. Closing as fixed.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Oct 23, 2014
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