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$.mobile.path.get() not cleaning URL correctly #4633

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In $.mobile.path.get():

return path.stripHash( newPath ).replace( /[^\/]*\.[^\/*]+$/, '' )

should be

return path.stripHash( newPath ).replace( /[?#].*/, '' ).replace( /[^\/]+$/, '' );

The former seems to assume there will always be a filename with a . after the last / in the path and that no one will put / in a query string. I'm not sure of the significance of looking for literal * characters, either.

The latter first makes sure we only have a path at the end, then removes anything that is not a directory.

This was the cause of issue #4275 for me.


Based on the docs, despite saying it's for "determining the directory portion of an URL", it's really determining something custom because there's no way a URL of only ?a=1&b=2 is a directory. So I won't bother trying to make sense of it.

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