Footer navbar not displayed correctly in Android WebView #4694

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This simple example will not display correctly on a Google Nexus (running 2.3.6) or Google Nexus S (4.0.4) when using a WebView. Either the footer navbar is not shown or is not positioned at the bottom of the screen.

On 4.0.4 The navbar either is not displayed or is displayed and then disappears part way up the screen. The behaviour appears somewhat random.

On 2.3.6 The navbar is displayed, but part way up the screen.

If the same page is viewed via the native browser it behaves correctly.

If you force the page size to be larger than the phone's screen size then on 2.3.6 it appears to behave correctly (navbar at the bottom of the screen). On 4.0.4 initially the navbar is displayed correctly, but after switching the screen orientation the navbar disappears completely in portrait mode, although is fine in landscape mode.

jQuery Mobile 1.2.0-pre version was used.

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@markmelling we have fixed many fixedToolbar issues recently can you verify this issue still exists with latest code?


This is now working correctly. Thank you.

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