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select menu data-placeholder not working with jQM 1.1.1 #4696

phillpafford opened this Issue · 8 comments

7 participants

Phill Pafford ErwanMAS Jasper de Groot Maurice Gottlieb Joshua Harris JamesBrill John Bender

Regression is visible on the docs in the example 2 &3 from "Examples of various placeholder options" .

Jasper de Groot

@phillpafford @ErwanMAS

This has been fixed on master (latest code). See
I will check how it is has been fixed, make sure the fix is in the 1.1.2. maintenance release, and see if I can provide you with a temporary workaround.

Jasper de Groot

@johnbender @gabrielschulhof

The issue first occured when Gabriel picked commit fd959b9 into 1.1-stable that changes select.custom.js
The problem doesn't seem to be the changes made by that commit, but more the fact that 3 other commits were not picked into 1.1-stable.
Those 3 commits regard changes in the setButtonText function in select.js
Commit ccd160d is a merge of a PR. Commits 0ad7c1e and c48768a are commits made by John.

Can you guys look into the best way to fix this for 1.1.2.?

Maurice Gottlieb


This seems to be okay again with latest:

@phillpafford Can you confirm that?


Jasper de Groot


Yes it is ok on master / latest, but not on branch 1.1-stable. So if we do a 1.1.2. release this still won't work.

Joshua Harris

I was having the same problem and using the master / latest fixed the problem, but it made the select menu display constantly at the bottom of my page and then not center when I did select it. More details at my Stack Overflow question.

John Bender johnbender was assigned

Since 1.2.0, I've been having the same problem as Nemonocerater. Whenever the select menu is not dropped down, it is placed at the bottom of the page. Should a new issue thread be made about this?

Jasper de Groot

@JamesBrill @Nemonocerater

Please open a new issue for the position problem if the problem still occurs when using latest code. See the contributing guidelines for our JS Bin and what information is required. Thanks!

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