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iPad: Can't copy & paste in an iFrame when jQuery Mobile is included in the parent #4736

dhague opened this Issue Jul 24, 2012 · 5 comments

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dhague commented Jul 24, 2012

iPad 3rd gen on iOS 5.1.1, using Safari.

An HTML page includes the jQuery Mobile script along with an iFrame. The iFrame contains a HTML form, and the user enters some text into one of the form fields.

Expected behaviour:
User copies text from one field and is able to paste it into another field

Observed behaviour:
The iPad's Select, Copy & Paste buttons all appear as normal - but on clicking Paste, nothing gets pasted.

See for a demonstration of the issue.

Source HTML for the issue is at

This is causing a headache for our project in which the user registration form appears in an iFrame floating over the main site - users cannot copy/paste values between fields. (The registration form is served from another host, hence the need to use an iFrame instead of a div.)

CanD42 commented Jul 24, 2012

I verified this on an iPhone, same behavior there: Pasting isn't possible. It seems that sometimes even editing isn't working properly in the paste field.

fabylv commented Oct 16, 2012

i verified this on ipad and iphone 5... however, you can type into second field, copy and paste into first field. interesting issue..
it works without jquery mobile and it works with jquery mobile outside an iframe...


It seems that there is a bug in the way ios(5.1.1) safari handles iframes+copy. Luckily the solution I found is simple and works well. Insert these lines of code in the main html(the one containing the tag):</p> <p>if(navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad/i) != null){//modify as needed<br> document.addEventListener(&quot;copy&quot;, function(evt){<br> evt.clipboardData.setData(&#39;text/plain&#39;, window.frames[0].getSelection().getRangeAt(0));<br> }, false);<br> }</p> <p>The funny thing is that the clipboardData, isn&#39;t overwritten, if the event comes from the main document, it will only be overwritten, if the event comes from the iframe.<br> The issue seems to be fixed in later versions of ios, but i haven&#39;t tested it thoroughly.</p>

ldeluca commented Oct 24, 2014

@dhague @jari-wiklund @fabylv There hasn't been any activity on this issue in over a year. We're in the process of cleaning up old issues. Can you confirm whether or not this is still an issue with the latest jQM or if we can go ahead and close? Thanks

jQuery Foundation member

This is actually something we looked into recently that this is a dup of this is a bug with touch events and iOS there is a workaround which is a shim of jQuery Core .on method @gseguin and i worked on it can be found here Closing as not a bug in jQuery mobile

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Oct 24, 2014
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