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Starting Dialog from Select and then open a Select don't work #4767

ninichki opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Hi and thanks for this great work,

but I found a small bug in the nightly build

The template you can find here:

When you open the Dialog you can't use a select.




Hi @ninichki

Since it's not possible to chain popups, I think this is a not supported "construct".

As of 1.2 non-native-selects are popups and when using a native select for the first select-item in your code, your demo works fine.
At the end of this page in the docs you find a note about popup-chaining:

May @gabrielschulhof can take a look at this issue.



Ok, I switched to use a Menu-Popup as Selectmenu and close it before I open a dialog



You're welcome! Nice that you get it working.



@ninichki @MauriceG

We aren't allowing the chaining of popups in the initial release of the widget (see the note at the bottom of the docs page . As a consequence we aren't supporting custom select menu chains out of the box though you can build them yourself using the events we'll be providing. In this case "popupafterclose" which is triggered on the popup itself. This should be in the docs in the near future.

@johnbender johnbender closed this


Hi John, thanks for looking at this. @ninichki already got it working.

I've suggested that Gabriel take a look, because in this case, the popup is called and the click is not ignored, like the docs say.
As often you click the select button in the dialog in the demo above, the URL grows and grows, and after the second click, the dialog is not more closeable.


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