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Description: When a jQuery Mobile app is wrapped in PhoneGap for BlackBerry, the touchend event does not fire after a user drags their finger in a motion other than almost purely horizontal. It works fine on iOS and Android. It works fine on BlackBerry if run outside PhoneGap with a BlackBerry browser pointed to the URL running the app.

I want to submit this, but I find the sequence of using this and jsbin template a bit confusing. After I enter the HTML and JS there, do I copy it here? Do I submit it there and reference it here? Do I change the "" to something else? I can't modify this, so maybe it's posted already. Not sure how this works...

Anyway, I'll continue, assuming you can find my code here:

Please let me know if you cannot!


  1. Take my code and create a PhoneGap project for BlackBerry.
  2. Add an "images" directory under "www" and add a 100W x 150H image called "eiffel.jpg"
  3. Run it in PhoneGap.
  4. Try moving the image around while watching the messages in the div below the image, telling you what event is firing.
  5. Notice the "end" event does not fire when dragging the image up or down (but does when moving the image sideway).
  6. Try in PhoneGap for iOS or Android. See that it works fine.
  7. Try outside PhoneGap by removing PhoneGap code, putting the code on a web server, and pointing the BlackBerry browser at the URL. See that it works fine.

Expected outcome:
Image should move freely and fire the full touch start-move-end sequence, not just start-move when moving image vertically.

Actual outcome:
Only start and move fire when moving image vertically.

jQuery Mobile version:

Browsers/platforms Tested:
BlackBerry (fail)
iOS and Android (pass)

Please let me know if you can get to my code!


Jack a.k.a. Applejacko

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jaspermdegroot commented Jul 31, 2012

See also #4761


jasondscott commented Aug 7, 2012

@applejacko which BlackBerry smartphone are you seeing this on? Have you tried it on any other BlackBerry devices?


I tried it on a Bold 9930 and a Torch 9850. Tim Kim from PhoneGap reproduced this bug on a Bold 9900. Were you not able to reproduce this?



Were you able to find the code sample I provided and reproduce the issue on a BlackBerry/PhoneGap app? Let me know if you need anything from me. The bug is confirmed on a Bold 9930, a Bold 9900, and a Torch 9850.


Jack a.k.a. Applejacko


jasondscott commented Aug 13, 2012

Hi @applejacko,

Thanks for submitting this issues, however this does not appear to be a JQM issue.

Check out .

I have ripped out all the jQuery and JQM and the issue is still present.
When using browser field 2 (The embed webview used by phone gap, BlackBerry WebWorks, and BlackBerry Java) on BlackBerry smartphones the touch end event some times does not fire. I have been told to try using the mouse events on BlackBerry Smartphones 7.1 and lower instead of the touch events for greater reliability and not all BlackBerry's are touch enabled. I would recommend checking out the BlackBerry forums, if you have related issues.




Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

However, please don't close this ticket out, as I DO see different results with and without jQM on my BlackBerry Bold and Torch.

And that's with the app wrapped in PhoneGap in both cases. Are you wrapping the two test apps in PhoneGap?

I have code samples for the two cases:

Without jQuery Mobile:

With jQuery Mobile:

With the non-jQM version, the "touch end" event ALWAYS fires.

With the with-jQM version, it NEVER fires when a touch with any amount of vertical component ends (but it ALWAYS fires when the motion is purely horizontal).

Let me know what you think or find or if you have questions.




By the way, my non-jQM version HTML has no jQM-like tags in it at all (e.g., data-role="footer" data-position="fixed" attributes and so forth) like your sample has. Mine just has pure HTML, with standard div and img tags. I'm not sure how those jQM-related attributes are handled by the browser without the jQM JS script tags...

With "pure" HTML, with just cordova-1.9.0.js and simple.js script tags, the touchend issue vanishes (again, when wrapped in PhoneGap - and it's wrapped in PhoneGap in either case, with or without jQM).


jasondscott reopened this Aug 14, 2012


ldeluca commented Oct 6, 2014

@applejacko this is a really old issue with no activity for over 2 years. Have you tested it with the latest version of jquery and jquery mobile? Do you mind running your tests and letting us know if it's still valid? If it isn't please close. I'd be happy to reproduce on my end once you've confirmed that it is still an issue.


arschmitz commented Oct 24, 2014

Im closing this as inactive

arschmitz closed this Oct 24, 2014

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