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Collapsible Content: Info Icon Issue #4801

mdevera opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi guys,

Building a mobile web app and am using the collapsible content feature. We would like to use the "info" icon as the custom icon, for both the expanded and collapsed version of the content block.

The "info" icon displays for the collapsed version, but when clicked on, the icon changes to a plus icon, despite having a value of "info" for the data-expanded-icon attribute. Not sure if I'm missing something ..

I haven't tested to see if this is happening for any other icon, but thought I should bring it up.

Here's a jsbin link -



Hi @mdevera,

no, you missed nothing. Good catch btw!
Having the same non standard icon for collapsed and expanded state is not possible this time.
I'll try to land a fix for this issue that will pass the tests.




I've created a PR to fix this issue, but I don't know, if it will get in.

Another solution to achieve same icons for expanded and collapsed state is to use a CSS-rule like this:
div.ui-collapsible[data-expanded-icon="info"] span.ui-icon { background-position: -540px 50%; }
for the info icon.
Here is a fiddle to demonstrate that

I don't use jsbin because a second css rule like that above (eg using grid-icon) does not work there ...



Hey @MauriceG

Thank you for the reply and clarification. I'll give the CSS-rule a shot for now. :)

Much appreciated! :)


@gseguin gseguin referenced this issue from a commit
@gseguin gseguin Added test for issue #4801 a3626b7

Closing as fixed by merging PR #4803.

@arschmitz arschmitz referenced this issue from a commit in arschmitz/jquery-mobile
@gseguin gseguin Added test for issue #4801 43d8ad0
@srsgores srsgores referenced this issue from a commit in srsgores/jquery-mobile
@MauriceG MauriceG Collapsible: Add support for same expanded/collapsed non default icon
Fixes #4801 Collapsible Content: Info Icon Issue.
Having the same non standard icon for expanded and collapsed state, toggleClass removes the ui-icon-x class for collapsed state.
Tests: Passed.
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