[Samsung Galaxy Tab] Collapsible is collapsed when clicking in child radio button #4846

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I have a collapsible-set that contains multiple collapsibles.
In those, I have a list that contains radio buttons.

Problem on Galaxy Tab (GT-P7510) and Android 3.1 : If I click a radio button, the collapsible collapses.

I tested on Windows 7 + Chrome; Windows 7 + IE9; Xperia S + android 2.3.7; Ubuntu 12.04 + Chrome and this problem does not occur then.

This problem is solved after an upgrade to Android 3.2


jaspermdegroot commented Aug 14, 2012


Thanks for reporting the issue.
Do you see the issue when you open this test page on the Galaxy Tab with Android 3.1: http://jsbin.com/atahip/90
If not, can you change the test page so it matches your markup?

Because the problem is solved on 3.2 I give this ticket a lower priority.

Sadly, I can't test anymore as I upgraded the device...

vpxavier closed this Aug 15, 2012

vpxavier reopened this Aug 15, 2012


jaspermdegroot commented Aug 15, 2012


I understand.
Can you let us know if the test page matches your use case? I am not sure if I understood "a list that contains radio buttons" correctly.

Some remarks,
in my case, the list is generated dynamically using getJson;
the list had data-inset="true" and data-filter="true"

each list item contains a fieldset data-role="controlgroup" data-type="horizontal" with a radio group in it

I hope it will help


jaspermdegroot commented Aug 16, 2012

Ok, thanks!

updated test page: http://jsbin.com/atahip/96/edit

It looks much more like what I did; except that each radiogroup is a form that auto submits when it is clicked (meaning that no submit button is required).
I would be happy to help more but as I don't have android 3.1 on the device anymore...


jaspermdegroot commented Aug 16, 2012


If you can make the changes to the test page markup it would be great.
I will ask if we have a device with 3.1 in the test lab or maybe there is somebody else who can test this when the test page is ready.


jaspermdegroot commented Oct 30, 2012

The marketshare of Android 3.1 is very very small and the issue is fixed in Android 3.2 so I am closing this ticket

Not really sure why I didn't do that right away when @vpxavier reported it was fixed in 3.2 ;-)

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