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Using a persistent footer with jQuery 1.8.0 adds Zeros to end of document #4887

grahamgilchrist opened this Issue · 5 comments

6 participants

Graham Gilchrist John Donghwa Kim Bryan Wood Todd Parker Maurice Gottlieb Mat Marquis
Graham Gilchrist

Issue description

When using jQuery 1.8.0, in a site with a persistent footer toolbar containing a navbar, and no persistent header, extra text elements containing zeroes are being added to the end of the DOM whenever the page is changed through the footer navbar. This issue does not exist with jQuery 1.7.2

Persistent footer docs:

I've traced the problem to the file js/widgets/fixedToolbar.js, line 155:

At this point, if there is no persistent header, the variable nextHeader has a value of 0. On line 159, nextFooter.add( nextHeader ) produces an array containing the footer jQ object and a value of zero. In jQuery 1.7.2, when appended to the document, the 0 is ignored. in jQuery 1.8.0, it is added as a text element.

It could be argued this is a bug with jQuery, but it seems like there might be a line missing which would fix this very easily. We already assign nextFooter to an empty jQ object if it is blank, so we could add the same for nextHeader after line 155:
nextHeader = nextHeader || $();

So the code would look like

var thisFooter = $( ".ui-footer-fixed:jqmData(id)", this ),
                            thisHeader = $( ".ui-header-fixed:jqmData(id)", this ),
                            nextFooter = thisFooter.length && ui.nextPage && $( ".ui-footer-fixed:jqmData(id='" + thisFooter.jqmData( "id" ) + "')", ui.nextPage ),
                            nextHeader = thisHeader.length && ui.nextPage && $( ".ui-header-fixed:jqmData(id='" + thisHeader.jqmData( "id" ) + "')", ui.nextPage );

                        nextFooter = nextFooter || $();
                        nextHeader = nextHeader || $();

                            if ( nextFooter.length || nextHeader.length ) {

Sample page using the jsbin template which uses latest code

Use the footer tabs in the output window to switch pages. Notice zeroes being added to the document. Uncomment the jQuery 1.7.2 script tag in the HTML header and remove the jQuery 1.8.0 script tag. Try the tabs again. The problem no longer occurs.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new jQuery mobile project using jQuery mobile 1.1.1 and jQuery 1.8.0
  • Add two pages to the project with header and footer regions using data-role="header"
  • Add data-id="test-footer" data-position="fixed" to the data-role footer element
  • Add a navbar list data-role="navbar" inside the footer and add list items with links to the two pages
  • Load the page and navigate between the two pages.

For more info see the JSBin example above.

Expected outcome

The fixed footer should stay in place while the page transitions behind it. Once the transition is complete, the target page should be rendered.

Actual outcome

The fixed footer stays in place, and the transition happens, but during the transition, extra text elements are added to the page.

Query Mobile version

Mobile: 1.1.1
jQuery: 1.8.0

Browsers/platforms tested

Problem in:

  • Safari 5.0
  • Safari iOS 5.1 Does not occur in:
  • Firefox 8.0
John Donghwa Kim

Hi I am seeing the same issue.

Bryan Wood

I am also seeing this issue.

Todd Parker

This is an odd one. I see the issue in your test page, but not in the latest docs which also use 1.8.0:

Maurice Gottlieb


It seems this issue just happens, if just the footer is persistent, not the header.
The docs show just pages where both toolbars are persistent.

Mat Marquis Wilto was assigned
Mat Marquis

Start the drumroll; fix forthcoming. Thanks for an awesome bug report, @grahamgilchrist!

Mat Marquis Wilto closed this issue from a commit
Mat Marquis Wilto Fixes #4887 - Prevents `0` from being appended to the document when u…
…sing a persistent footer with jQuery 1.8.0.
Mat Marquis Wilto closed this in 5a6b2c3
Alexander Schmitz arschmitz referenced this issue from a commit in arschmitz/jquery-mobile
Mat Marquis Wilto Fixes #4887 - Prevents `0` from being appended to the document when u…
…sing a persistent footer with jQuery 1.8.0.
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