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Popup overlay ends at display #4898

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When using a large popup with an overlay, the overlay ends at the screen bottom. When scrolling the page, the rest of the overlay is white instead of the overlay color.


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I fixed this in js, since it seems that bottom: 1; means one pixel from the bottom of the page. So, if the popup ends up taller than the page itself, that's no good. Interestingly, not leaving a gap of 1px doesn't seem to freak Android out.



Welcome back ! :-)

I've tested this with latest. It seems, it's still not working. I've missed something?



Uhps, sorry!

After another refresh, it works (nearly).
It seems. the covered part of the overlay gets another opacity than the visible part (Safari 5.1.7/Win).


Thanks for the fix, but MauriceG is correct, the opacity seems to be different.

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The problem is that - because the popup is an absolute positioned element - the height of the page doesn't increase when you open the popup. So this has nothing to do with the overlay and its opacity, but the background of the page ends at the fold.


Yes, it's obvious that the opacity not really change and the page-end is the reason for the "background-color" change.

Don't know if it's worth, but a workaround, until another build-in solution comes, would be to set the page min-height on popupafteropen

@arschmitz arschmitz added a commit to arschmitz/jquery-mobile that referenced this issue
@gabrielschulhof gabrielschulhof [popup] Resize the screen height when the popup height exceeds the sc…
…reen height -- Fixes: #4898
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