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Floating/overlay/popover dialogs #491

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I need to have dialogs that do not change the current page but which overlays current page with an optional mask behavior. This is exactly what the select input overlay does but in a generic way. Goal is to still view the page, dialog can propose widgets to act on the current page.
Question: is there already a plan to do that or maybe someone working on that ? If not, any design or specs ?
Found that correct name is Popover (in UI mockups).


It's not in for 1.0 but probably for the next version. Using a separate page is more bullet-proof on mobile devices, some of which (Palm, Opera mini) dont' handle positioning and offsets correctly.


Thanks for the answer. I agree but sometimes switching to another page is not a option.
My use case: popover needs to provide a carousel of images that you can drag and drop in the page.
I have a working version of that but tested only on iPad and iPhone 4. And not yet really clean.


If you want to work on this in the /experiments/ folder, go for it. Would be nice if it re-used some of the menu overlay stuff from the select menu for consistency.


This feature would be handy for my project too, hope jquery team consider it..


Sencha Touch has one of these widgets - one of the reasons I'm considering that framework.

This is definitely needed for tablet applications. It looks weird to go to a new page just to show a dialog, when there is enough space on the current page.


OK, check out this:

Awesome work, just what I needed


We'll probably add one like this soon, but that's a great plugin.


+1, in our product, we also find there's need to have a simple overlay dialog. Hope to see it in next version. Thanks!

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