Inconsistent :jqmData selector when using $.fn.jqmData() #4948

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Data set via $.fn.jqmData() is not accessible via the :jqmData selector.

Example HTML:

<div id="base">
  <div id="element1" data-foo="1"></div>
  <div id="element2"></div>

Example JS code:

// [ div#element1 ] - correct behavior

// Set data-foo to 1 on the second element also
$('#element2').jqmData('foo', 1);

// [ div#element1 ] - incorrect behavior; I would expect this to return [ div#element1, div#element2 ]

The return from this selector should not be dependent on whether someone manually entered the data in an HTML attribute. At a minimum, this is not documented. At worst, this is undesirable behavior.

It would seem the easiest way to fix would be to add the HTML attribute automatically within $.fn.jqmData().


+1 to this


I also find this annoying, is a simple reproduction of the error, which in my case is worked around by using a loop. Any comments on this? I'm using jQuery 1.9.1 and jQm 1.3.2

jQuery Foundation member

please see issue #6695 we will no longer have jqmData in any form after 1.5

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also the selector is for selecting elements that have data attributes and use jqm name spacing the jqmData function is for setting and getting data on elements not data-attributes. please see documentation for .data this is just a namespaced version closing this as not a bug

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Nov 12, 2013
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