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Listview out of screen #4958

Franky11 opened this Issue Sep 7, 2012 · 10 comments

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Franky11 commented Sep 7, 2012

hi nice improvement but on android 2.3.6 (Galaxy S) after the navbar the listview / splitview is broken in portrait view (its on the right site out of the screen) ... was working perfekt in 1.1.1 final .. _I have the splitview inside the div content and it was working fine before

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agcolom commented Sep 7, 2012

@Franky11 Could you please provide a test page in jsbin (template )

Thank you

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Can you provide a sample page? See for our JSBin template. Thanks!

Franky11 commented Sep 8, 2012

but i think i found the error now ... i have something like this in splitview

i made the test page here :

If i make from "This is a Test" -> "This is a Test for all good people together"

the listview is outsite the screen on android in portrait view. on 1.1.1 and 1.2 alpha i don´t have this strange behaviour and everything is working fine with longer descriptions

so i hope you understand my english and the problem :)

up to 1.1.1 i used also white-space: normal; for ui-li-desc .... and it was working fine

thenige commented Sep 13, 2012

I'm having this same problem with 1.2 Beta. On Droid Incredible 1, using a listview in portrait with links in list items and text that renders larger than viewport, the complete list will be moved to the right of the screen (off screen). If you flip the phone to landscape, the listview comes back into view because there is enough room to fit the contents of the list.

Test on a Galaxy Nexus and it works fine in either mode, so perhaps something with my old Droid browser version?


Hi the problem still exists also with 1.2-rc1 . when i remove the navbar its working


I've check the test page on my android galaxy s3 and I don't have this problem on it.

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@steven-fernandez - Thanks! Is your S3 running Android 4.0?

I don't see it on Galaxy Nexus / Android 4.1 either.

This seems to be a 2.3.x issue. I can reproduce it on Android SDK running 2.3.3.


Yes, my S3 is running Android 4.0.4. So it looks like it's an issue with older versions on Android OS only


Hi i checked the test page with opera on my galaxy s + and its working. seems to be a problem with the build in internet browser ... but anyway can you solve the problem ? until 1.1.1 it was working fine

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Closing as fixed by commit 446fed7

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