Broken Navigation for Dynamically-Created Chained Dialogs #5114

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Issue description

A sloppy dynamically-created dialog will receive a data-url attribute when created using a link, but not when changePage is called to create it directly. This breaks navigation for dynamically-created chained dialogs, because the window.back() function does not work correctly in jQM without a data-url attribute.

Test page

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a page or dialog dynamically using .append.
  2. Navigate to it, using changePage(). The data-url attribute will be missing.
  3. Navigate to it, using and the data-url attribute gets added.

Expected outcome

Both of these should provide the same output: a data-url attribute added.

Actual outcome

Only the link adds the data-url properly.

Platforms/browsers (including version) and devices tested

Tested in Chrome 22 and IE9.

jQuery Mobile and jQuery core version used

Originally found in jQuery 1.8.2 and jQueryMobile 1.2.0-rc2. But also tested down to jQuery 1.6 and jQM 1.1.1.

ldeluca commented Oct 23, 2014

@LenPayne This appears to be an issue with the dialog widget and since support is deprecated is it okay to close this issue?


Closing this dialogs are deprecated in 1.4

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Oct 23, 2014
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