Dynamic Page Generation goes to init page on first time #5121

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If you create dynamic pages like described on this page in the docs and you open a page with all filters included in the url (index.html#category-items?category=colors) it will go to the first page without using the filters.
This was not the case in jQM 1.1.1.


  1. Open jQM 1.2.0 with filters and see it going to the first page without applying the filters:

  2. Open jQM 1.1.2 with filters and see it going to the filtered page, as intended:


I think this has been changed in this commit: 207f854


I would like to have the old situation active, because now links with filters from my site added on other sites won't work anymore.

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for reporting the issue. I am closing this ticket as a duplicate of #5085.

@cdiaz-concur cdiaz-concur referenced this issue in azicchetti/jquerymobile-router Oct 31, 2012

doesn't really work jqm1.2.0 rtm #63

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