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Popups 1.2.0 Pop Transition leaving opacity fragments on hiding #5139

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Racquetballer Jasper de Groot Erik Oros Alexander Schmitz

With the new jqm 1.2.0 and jq 1.8.2 I'm noticing when closing a popup with the Pop transition that when it closes it leaves a faint ghosting and does not completely hide. This did not happen in 1.2.0 RC2. Your own test site has this issue.

Confirmed in Chrome.

Screen Shot:

Example and steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on the Pop transition button then close it. You may have to do it a few times until it happens.
  2. I have found that when I toggle the fixed green header from showing to hidden helps me to reproduce this behavior but I haven't gotten it down to a 100% reproduction yet.

I'm hoping you can reproduce this because on my site it happens 90% of the time. And I'm using fixed headers too...Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks for looking into this one!

Jasper de Groot


I have seen this too on Chrome with a popup demo I was working on. That was also with "pop" transition. I only saw it like two or three times, only on Chrome, and then never again.

I don't see the issue when testing (Chrome 22.0.1229.79 / Win7) that example in the docs or my own demo now. What version of Chrome did you test and on what OS?

Erik Oros

FYI, running Canary (24.0.1297.0 / Win7) I haven't seen this issue produced either.

Alexander Schmitz

this is a few months old and stale and could not be reproduced so im going to close this as can't reproduce

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