Android 4.1 with Chrome - Select on footer with data-position="fixed" no response #5140

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When i use Android 4.1 with Chrome to test the page with select box on a fixed position footer, the select box just has no response when i tap the screen and toggle the visibility of the fixed footer, here is the test page:

I also test it with the original browser and firefox on Android 4.1, which has no problem, also the device i use to test is Galaxy Nexus.

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Thanks for reporting the issue.

The cause of it is exactly the same as #4663. On Chrome for Android overflow: hidden; in a fixed toolbar makes buttons unresponsive when you scroll the page.

In this case we use overflow: hidden; for .ui-select .ui-btn. We have to see if we can do without that without causing other issues.

We also have to test if this Chrome bug is causing issues when using ui-grid or ui-bar in fixed toolbars because those classes have overflow set to hidden as well.


After override the overflow: hidden; for .ui-select .ui-btn to overflow: visible !important;, it does fix the problem when the page first load, but after tap the screen and toggle the toolbar, the select box become no response, finally i found that if you also override the -webkit-transform: translateY(0); to -webkit-transform: inherit !important; for, it work for the issue.

Here is the css and the test page

.ui-select {
  overflow: visible !important;
.ui-btn {
  overflow: visible !important;
} {
    -webkit-transform: inherit !important;
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Dibs. Looking into this now.

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@Wilto Wilto Fixes #5140 - Select menus inside elements in Android 4.1 Chrome now …
…work after scrolling.
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