adding a query string to a multi-page template breaks the page handling #5146

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blowsie commented Oct 9, 2012

Issue description

Jquery Mobile Renders the incorrect page when using multi-page template then viewing / refreshing with a query string.

Test page (see below)

Steps to reproduce

Visit the links above

Expected outcome

Should render the #two page and keep the query string in the url

Actual outcome

Renders the multipage-template.html page, and not the nested #two page

jQuery Mobile and jQuery core version used

Lastest at time of writing jqm 1.2.0 / jq1.8


frequent commented Oct 9, 2012

Ha! I wanted to report just the same issue :-)

I had a big fuss on SO over this today and bottom line is: I think this might be a bug.

My link was like this (having pushstate disabled):

It seems, that after the hash, parameters are gone. I was able to check for the structure (using coldfusion on the backend), which reported one element (id, value=9900000003869), but no change to access the element because I could query all the CGI and url stuff I wanted, the id wasn't there anymore.

Eventually solved it server-side substring-ing after getting the URL from the actual AJAX request, but quite some hair I had to pull out...

On the other, this was the reason for the pageparam plugin, wasn't it? But I thought this was included in JQM in the meantime. Maybe shed some light on it.


blowsie commented Oct 10, 2012

Forgetting anything server side at all. This is an issue is on static HTML pages as per my issue report.


frequent commented Oct 10, 2012

@blowsie: I think so, too


gabrielschulhof commented Oct 18, 2012

Another query-param-related bug, collected under #4777.


arschmitz commented Aug 7, 2013

closing this issue the official stance has always been this is not supported and we have decided that as of 1.5 we will allow any valid id for embded pages this means ? is a valid character for an id so the params will stay in link however they will not be treated as query params they will be treated as part of the ID

arschmitz closed this Aug 7, 2013

@blowsie in the meantime i created a plugin for jqm 1.4 which allows url parameters

@frequent @gabrielschulhof

Please see previous comment. Hopefully this library helps a person or 2...also feel free to contribute or let me know if there are issues

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