iOS 6 fullscreen: page can be panned left and right (wider than the screen?) #5155

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Safari and go to
  2. Add this page to your home screen
  3. Open this page from your home screen
  4. Click browse docs and go to Pages & Dialogs -> Popups
  5. Attempt to pan the page left and right (this will fail)
  6. Tap on the page to make the fixed header go away
  7. Attempt to pan the page left and right

At this point, you will be able to pan the page left and right. This is bad, and if you open a popup while in this state, you will notice that the popup's screen does not extend to the right edge of the page.

Steps 5-7 can be repeated with the same result when you go to Toolbars -> Fixed positioning from the documentation home screen.


The link above is a 404 - here is the correct link:


I've tested this but am unable to replicate the error. I don't think this is actually a bug.

tpalomo commented Oct 16, 2012

Tested this with jschutte. It looks like this is not a bug. Its a functionality in ios that lets you switch between tabs in the browser. However, when running in webapp mode that functionality doesnt disabled event though there are no other tabs. Also the positioning on the fixed header blocks its while its being displayed, which makes it "look" like a bug.

This bug can be closed (imho) as invalid.


I can confirm this problem occurs if you navigate to Toolbars > Persistent. This also occurs in the browser as well as fullscreen in iOS 5.1 on an iPhone 4S. This "problem" occured from JQM 1.1 when the fixed toolbar method changed. It does not appear with JQM 1.0.1.

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