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JQM's slider works terrible on every browser I test except Android Chrome and Apple Safari, I was thought it's because the built-in browser has bad efficiency and bad sensitivity on drag event, but I found some framework today work slider pretty well on every mobile browser

hope JQM team could improve it, thanks a lot.

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Can you be a bit more precise about what you tested? Do you have a test page or did you test with ?
Can you name the devices and platforms/browsers (including version) you tested on?


@chan15 @uGoMobi

I have to agree, on some browsers the slider is less responsive.
People keep trying again when the slider reacts slow, with frustrating results.

Tested it on Samsung Galaxy S3 (default browser -> slow, Firefox -> medium, Chrome -> fast, Opera -> medium), Samsung Galaxy Mini (default browser -> slow), Experia Arc S (default browser -> slow), iPhone 4 & 5 (Safari -> medium) and iPad 2 (Safari -> fast).

In my opinion, in the refresh method some calculations could be removed outside or done only at the beginning when the user presses the handle.

Still loving the framework dho!

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I looked into the slider widget code and saw that on vmousemove we call _preventDocumentDrag and this function calls refresh. Because the vmousemove event fires many many times when you drag the handle this could be the cause of the performance issue.

@johnbender can you weigh in here? Thanks!



This is a performance issue. I did a quick pass when I moved the slider over to _on but we need to do something serious. If you want you can assign this one to me, and hopefully I'll get a chance to take a look at it after I get to a good place with the nav refactor.

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Closing this ticket as duplicate of #4164

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