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orientationChangeEnabled appears to be deprecated, but docs still reference it #5213

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After attempting to use the orientationChangeEnabled setting with JQM 1.2.0, I found that this setting has no affect anymore. Comparing the code from JQM 1.0 to the current master, it seems that orientationChangeEnabled has been deprecated, but a default is still being set, and the documents ( still reference it.

Should this setting be marked as deprecated in the docs?


@jkane001 - Thanks for reporting the issue.

@gseguin - With commits eb1ad6f and 5f96ad7 we changed the check from $.mobile.orientationChangeEnabled to !$.event.special.orientationchange.disabled and it looks like that is the reason you can't configure it anymore. However, in core.js we still have orientationChangeEnabled: true so I am not really sure if this has been deprecated deliberately.

@gseguin gseguin was assigned

So what I should use to stop the browser orientation on Ipad???
@gseguin your reply is so complecated. Just write down the code to stop orientation.



This ticket is about orientationChangeEnabled. That option was about an event (see
It has nothing to do with fixing the orientation in the browser. That isn't possible, so nobody can "Just write down the code to stop orientation" for you even if you ask nicely.


Closed #5213

@gseguin gseguin closed this
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