focus() and select() working worse in vclick handler than in click handler #5226

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pekeler commented Oct 26, 2012
tested on iPad3/iOS6


I can't reproduce this issue on iPad Retina / iOS 6.1.3 so I am going to close this ticket.

pekeler commented Aug 17, 2013

You are clicking on the "click me" text and then on the "vclick me" text and it focusses on the "bar" input field?

On iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4, Safari, it stays focussed on the "foo" input field.
On iOS Simulator, iPad Retina iOS 6.1, Safari, it has the exact same problem.
On iPad Mini, iOS 6.1.3, Safari, it's the opposite problem (vclick works, click doesn't).

However, if I click the Run button in JSFiddle and repeat the test on the run page (as opposed the the lower right iframe), it now works perfectly in all three environments. Weird!


@pekeler - I tested on both Safari and Chrome without seeing the issue.

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