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Can't open popup from select menu. #5254

kevinbhayes opened this Issue · 6 comments

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JQM will ignore popup open requests when called from a function bound to a select menu change event.
$("#message-commands").bind("change",function(event,ui) {
var value =;
case "delete":
does not work. If I put the popup open command in a timeout function, it will work if it is sufficiently long, but the time varies between client devices. There's no way to tell how long to wait for all clients, and I don't want to make it too long the user thinks nothing happens.

If this behaviour isn't supported, then select menus need a "closed" event to bind the command to.



I suppose this is about a custom select menu. Those are displayed as a popup and chaining popups is not allowed (see last paragraph here
The popup fires popupafterclose event so that should resolve your problem.
I am closing this as not a bug. If you still think there is an issue we have to look into, please provide a test page.


Here is the test page. Select "delete using popupafterclose" from the Actions popup to test using the popupafterclose bound event.


It is better to a working example on jsFiddle or JS Bin.

Anyways, confirmed.


So should the status be changed back to open then? Thanks.

FYI, I put the example here:

@jaspermdegroot jaspermdegroot reopened this

The problem is the selector. $("#message-commands") is not the popup that is created for the selectmenu, but the select element which is still on the page. When changing this to $(".ui-selectmenu") it works:


@gabrielschulhof - Can we add the id of the select with a suffix/prefix to the popup? Similar to what we do for the popup container. This way we keep unique id's, but people would have a selector to target a specific selectmenu popup.

@kevinbhayes - You had the script in the body and no div[data-role="page"]. This results in two select buttons. See the last paragraph of this page: In general we recommend to put scripts in the head.

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