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At the moment you can use suggestions, but it is very annoying: the mobile keyboard is on the list, so you can't see the actual results. It is possible to use something like Google does with the suggestions? I mean official Jquery Mobile support for suggestion lists.

When you search in Google Mobile, the screen goes up and only shows 5 suggestions at a time and you can use a scrollbar to see all the suggestions. I know it's not the most important thing, but it would be very useful for many users I think.

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I suppose you are talking about the filter option of listviews.

There is an option filterCallback.
In 1.2 we added the listviewbeforefilter event, but it looks like this hasn't been documented yet. See #4721.
In 1.3 we will add the option filterReveal which makes it possible to initially hide all list items. This is already in latest code on branch master.

With these instruments (and a little bit custom code to scroll to search input on focus) you should be able to create what you are suggestion so I am closing this feature request. I commented at #4389 that we should create a demo for this.

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