Fixed Toolbar on Samsung Galaxy Tab #5267

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On Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 4.0.4, the fixed header disappears when you swipe down.
You can test by visiting this page:

Screenshot of it partially gone here:

If the header had a larger height, it would still be partially visible.
Seems to be that the page will scroll the height of the address bar, and then position:fixed behaves as normal.


jaspermdegroot commented Nov 11, 2012


Thanks for reporting the issue.

I uploaded a non-JQM test page:
And a similar page using JQM (latest code):

Can you test both pages and let us know if the problem is visible on both of them? Thanks!

Yes, it's the same issue on both of those pages.
The fixed footer works fine, but the fixed header scrolls with the page for the first 50 pixels or so, and it gets covered by the address bar.


jaspermdegroot commented Nov 11, 2012


Thanks for testing. So it appears to be a general Samsing / Android position: fixed; bug. Which Galaxy Tab did you test on?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
GT-P7310 Build/IMM76D
Android 4.0.4 (latest update from samsung)
I'm pretty sure the bug exists on Honeycomb versions as well.

BTW, I have a decent solution for this.
Basically, I use device os and version detection to add css classes to the html element.
On Android 4.0 and above, I don't apply position:fixed, and instead use overflow:scroll on the scrollable section of the page.
Still playing around with it though. I think this is going to be a bit challenging to get right.


arschmitz commented Nov 16, 2012

@jasonmcaffee does the address bar on this device ever hide?

It sounds like its acting like on phones where the address bar can be hidden and content can scroll behind when its not. This shows a lot when loading on devices like this where the header bar will be hidden behind address bar until load completes.

if this is the case it sounds like a device bug that we probably wont be able to do much about.

@ugomobi @toddparker thoughts?

The address bar is always visible on the device.


arschmitz commented Dec 14, 2012

@jasonmcaffee we had some discussion about this a few weeks ago and it does not look like this is an issue we are going to be able to fix. it looks like a problem with the actual browser UI its treating the address bar as though it should hide but does not. Interestingly i got access to a tab running 4.04 this morning and on this device the address bar does hide and the fixed toolbars work properly. Since this seems to be specific to something about your device and build. And either way it does not look like we will be able to fix. Im going to close this.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Dec 14, 2012

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