list dividers role="heading" fails w3c validator #5268

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I'm using this:

<li data-role="list-divider" role="heading" class="ui-li ui-li-divider ui-body-c ui-corner-top">
     <span class="ui-divider-text">#variables.li_header#</span>

which is the same list-divider syntax as in the docs. Running this through the w3c validtor throws Bad value heading for attribute role on element li.

Removing the `role="heading" fixes it, but I guess it's there for a reason. Any way to make this valid?


According to and the rolle='heading' attribute is no longer used. Right?

jQuery Foundation member

It is used on the dividers if you inspect one of the list dividers you will see its used. I will look into the validity of this.


@frequent I'm not able to reproduce this issue. I loaded the demopage (, copied the (enhacned) html and pasted it into It shows no errors regarding role="heading". Do you have a testpage that demonstrates the issue?


@Ruffio: let me check - this was a while ago. Will post tomorrow.


@Ruffio - Works here, too. Will close. If I ever stumble back on the issue I will repost. Thanks for coming back to this.

@frequent frequent closed this Jan 3, 2015
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