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Checkbox option in 'Formatted content' list #5274

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There is a definite need to have a checkbox in a list. You could either click on the list row to navigate to the item, or just click on the checkbox to select the item without navigating to the item. Imagine an email application where you need to select one or two specific emails from the middle of the list and delete them. I see that one can do this through data-role="controlgroup" on a fieldset, but ideally it would be nice to have this available on all lists for example a 'Formatted content' list where you need more than one label on the list item, which is the reason for me logging this new feature request. Thanks.



Thanks for your post. I agree that a checkbox as split button would be a nice new feature.


I'm going to close this as a feature request. We'll re-open if we decide to add this in a future release -- please add a link to this to the feature request wiki page here. Thanks!

@toddparker toddparker closed this

This request is also mentioned in #4026, but this one happens to be linked from the features Wiki. #1147 is also related as the list view documentation doesn't contain an example of a checkbox, and they still seem difficult to get working at all (nevermind with split views).

It took me several hours of sifting through old stack overflow posts and jsfiddles, along with lots of experimentation to come up with a split view interface that includes a checkbox for JQM 1.3.


It only amounts to 3 class definitions. The working code can be found here.

However, our user testing indicates that accidental clicks are fairly common using the default split-view layout of JQM. So we are now starting over the entire process to find a way of splitting just after the checkbox and making the main region the link to a detail page.

It would be great if this sorta thing was builtin to a future release!

Also, any tips on doing a split-view on the left would be appreciated. Thanks.


This is what we're going for:


Code for this mockup is in the same repo, though a lot more hacky than the previous version.

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