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Persistent header broken when back in history #5286

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Tested with Android 2.2.1, jquery latest, phonegap 2.2.0.
Problem on big list and in general links on big pages when scrolling.
When link is visible no problem.
This is the case:
i've 4 pages all in one single html file. the first three pages are categories-subcategories-subsubcategories listviews (i use changepage instead of href).
The fourth page displays item details.
Transitions is set to none and on pageshow i launch an ajax() call to asp page.
Results are injected with append() into the ul (first 3 pages) and a div (details page).
Header and footer are fixed and persistent.
I use jquery mobile latest via cdn and jquery-1.8.2.min.js and phonegap 2.2.0
Now: if i go forward page 1 to page 2 to page 3 to pages 4 all is perfect.
If i go back one page, say from 4 to 3 and then again to 4, i have a little flicker on the header. It's very little but i'm trying to understand why the first time i traverse the pages i have no problems.
In version 1.2.0 JQM i have the problem also traversing from page 1 to 2 and 3 and 4, then i figure something has been fixed, but going back with history something breaks

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@uGoMobi here is the test page:
note that the problem is visible with phonagap. in browser is all ok
test case:
1. scroll to Milan in the first page and click
2. in the second page go back with back button
3. again scroll and click Milan --> persistent header has a flicker (hide and show again)

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@bepivin I believe the flicker you are seeing is because you are making the toolbars persistent even though they are not the same. which causes positioning of things to be slightly different. Can you try this will toolbars that are identical and see if you still see the problem?

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since there is no response to request for more information im going to close this for now. if @bepivin can get back with confirmation we will reopen

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this
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