Data-dismissable attribute not working ! #5299

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I am using JqueryMobile 1.2.0

I am trying to use Data-dismissable ="false" attribute in the div containing data-role="popup". So that my popup doesn't vanishes when user clicks anywhere else on the screen. But somehow its not working. Any clues to what might be the problem.


toddparker commented Nov 18, 2012

@akshay466 - This feature was added after 1.2 and is only available in master. It will be included in 1.3.


toddparker commented Nov 18, 2012

Closing as not an issue.

@toddparker toddparker closed this Nov 18, 2012

Is there any attribute available to do this functionality?
or how i can make this thing with 1.2.0?


arschmitz commented Nov 22, 2012

This is in master and will be in version 1.3 it's not avalible in 1.2

Please note that the correct spelling is [data-]dismissible, not [data-]dismiss*a*ble. The implementation and the popup doc page ( use the correct spelling, but the data-attributes reference uses the misspelling (


jaspermdegroot commented Jan 14, 2013

@mklement - Thanks! We forgot to update it there. Doing it now.

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