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Listview: slow filtering/searching with the search bar (data-filter=true) #5328

jeez opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I have been experiencing recently how slow a listview is perfoming on iOS (tested on iPads and iPhones, iOS 6).

I thought there was something wrong with my offline web "app" example, but then I tried the lists-performance example (, and I was surprised how slow it was performing as well.

The issue is something like the one describe at this topic -->, but even on the regular browser (no phonegap): "the ipad keyboard sticks and key strokes have a major delay between keystroke character and showing up in the input.".

I don't find a listview THAT slow when scrolling, but when I use the filtering it is super slow.
IMHO, this is a blocker for using jquerymobile for anything that needs a simple filterable listview on such an important platform like iOS.

thanks in advance!


Closing as duplicate of #4271

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