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Better handling of iconpos on navbars #5374

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ucavus Jasper de Groot Whip74

Currently, the icon position for every button in a navbar must be in the same position. This seems clunky and it is unnecessary to have this restriction. The current CSS can render a mixture of left, right and not set, or top and bottom, perfectly well without any changes. The attached images show the result of manually switching and removing ui-btn-icon-* classes in the DOM.

The enhancement functions could be changed to allow such overrides per navbar item. A little extra CSS you could even have a mix of horizontal and vertical positions, though I can't imagine that looking very good.

Even if this improvement is not implemented, it would be good if the classes ui-btn-icon-right or ui-btn-icon-left were not added to items that have no icon. The classes make the text-only buttons look misaligned because of the extra padding.


Jasper de Groot


Thanks for your post. I agree that we can improve the way icon position is handled in the navbar widget.
For the 1.4 release we are planning on re-factoring the code and will look into this issue as well.

Jasper de Groot

We should also make it possible to have navbar buttons with icons only.

Whip74 commented


Are there any temporary solutions to icon positioning within the navbar widget until jquery version 1.4 is released? I have a simple two button navbar and need the icons to fall to the left on both buttons.

ucavus commented

Just attach a function to pageinit and change the css classes manually.

Jasper de Groot

Closing as duplicate of #6337.

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Navbar Review #7359

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