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jpilon commented Dec 15, 2012


I'm seeing a weird issue on my android tablet. When navigating to another page with ajaxlinks enabled, the URL changes to a hash and then doesn't switch back to the full URL like it does on ipad/windows.


  1. Currently on /site/ (homepage)
  2. Click a link that goes to /content/my/page.html, the URL changes to /site/#/site/content/my/page.html
  3. URL doesn't change after that, so the hash URL is stuck like that.
  4. Navigating to another page the URL appears as /site/#/site/content/another/page.html

On other tablets such as window 8 / ipad there are no hash's in the URL after the page loads so I'm wondering why this only happens on android.

Does anyone have any ideas? I can disable the ajaxlinks just for android but I'd rather not.


jaspermdegroot commented Dec 15, 2012

I can confirm this is an issue with latest code on Android 4.1.1 as well (tested with the docs: The issue doesn't occur with the 1.2 docs.

jpilon commented Dec 15, 2012

Forgot to mention I'm using ""


toddparker commented Dec 16, 2012

Might be worth testing the nav refactor branch to see if this is fixed there.


jaspermdegroot commented Jan 2, 2013

Looks like IE9 has a similar problem.

Update: I was wrong. The hash-based url does get updated on IE9.
I think I was confused because the url isn't relative to the initial page when you visit on IE9 and then browse the docs. The url will look like but I guess this has to do with the redirect we use for the homepage.

johnbender was assigned Jan 16, 2013


jaspermdegroot commented Jan 16, 2013

I just tested latest on Android 4.1 again and the url does update, but the pushState plugin doesn't seem to work.

initial page:
go to "Panels":
go to "Options":

@johnbender - Can you give this a look? Thanks!


johnbender commented Jan 16, 2013

The history API is not supported in the native Android browser for versions > 2.3. It begs the question why it's still defined on the history object though. 👎


jaspermdegroot commented Jan 16, 2013


Can you test with latest code and tell us...

  1. If the url does update
  2. If the hash-based Ajax URL gets changed into the full document path


Latest code:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> 
  <script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>

jpilon commented Jan 18, 2013


Just tested that out and on Android 3.2 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) it's still using hash based navigation.

rscouto commented Apr 16, 2013

I have the same problem, the strange is in my app exist 1 panel and if i click the panel before click in select menu not present problem, in master branch if you click in view source and after click in select menu also work (My god :), it crazy! ) ! I hope help in solution.

The problem ocorr in (Opener in device):
Click in any selectmenu!
Info: [Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab P5100] [ Android: 4.0.3] [Browser: Crome]

rscouto commented Apr 17, 2013

Cause of my problem is Animated of pannel, if set for false work!
$( ".selector" ).panel({ animate: false });
Or $.mobile.panel.prototype.options.animate = false;


ldeluca commented Oct 30, 2014

@rscouto @jpilon It's been about a year and a half since there was an update on this issue. We're just doing some cleanup. Can you confirm is this is still an issue or not? It's hard to tell based on the comments since there are some references to other bugs. Thank you! I appreciate the update.


arschmitz commented Oct 30, 2014

We no longer support android 3.x closing.

arschmitz closed this Oct 30, 2014

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