Close button of full page dialog fails silently when popup exists on page (closed or open) #5382

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  1. Issue description
    Dialog pages (data-rel=dialog) pages with a popup (data-role=popup) fail to respond to the close button of the Dialog regardless of the state of the popup.
  2. Test page
  3. Steps to reproduce
    a. Create a JQM page, A with header, footer and a link, B (data-rel=dialog) to a second JQM page, C
    b. Create the second JQM page, C with header, a footer and a link, D, to a popup div E (data-role=popup)
    c. Create the popup div E in the content section of C.
    d. Put a header and content into E
    e. When done, the nesting should look like JQMDoc(A(header,content(B),footer),C(header,content(D,E),footer))
    f. Open the page and click the link B to get to the dialog C
  4. Expected outcome
    When I click the X to close the dialog C header, it will close
  5. Actual outcome
    When I click the X to close the dialog C header, it does nothing
  6. Firefox 17.0.1/Fedora 17/x86_64, Android Browser/Android ICS 4.0.4/Razr Maxx
  7. JQM 1.2.0, JQuery 1.8.2
  8. An explicit link to "$('ui-dialog').dialog('close') (link, button, etc) works w/in the dialog content section.
@jaspermdegroot jaspermdegroot added a commit that closed this issue Dec 16, 2012
@jaspermdegroot jaspermdegroot Dialog: Append close button to first found header to prevent a close …
…button being added to popup on same page as well. Fixes #5382.


Thanks for reporting the issue. I just committed a fix for this.


How do I access the update - does it get pushed to the CDN site immediately?


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