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White line flashing at bottom during page transition ! #5398

Tomeor opened this Issue Dec 21, 2012 · 2 comments

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Tomeor commented Dec 21, 2012


I am writting my first app with Jquery mobile ... it's really a nice framework but now i am stucked with a really weird problem : On nearly all page transition i got a 1px white line flashing at the bottom of the screen (exactly on the footer bottom border).

It appears on every page transition but the ones that shares the same footer (same data-id).

I googled a LOT and tries a LOT of things :

  • page height : seems to not happen on long pages ...
  • footer height : nothing
  • having same footer height on each page : it improves a bit, before the line was 2/3 pixels and changing size
  • $.mobile.defaultHomeScroll=0 : It fixes the flash line between page sharing a static footer
  • Tried to find where this white color is coming from (not body, not page, .... ) : Ig i could get the same color as my background i will be happy !

I am lost, i really want to remove this weird line and have a more native behavior.

Environment :

  • jquery-1.8.2
  • IOS 6
  • Iphone 5

It happens under fullscreen on iphone (page added to home) and in phonegap BUT it does NOT happen in safari.

There is a link to my site, you can try and see by yourself :

Best regards

jQuery Foundation member


Thanks for your p. This issue is the same as #4024 so I am closing this ticket as duplicate.

Tomeor commented Dec 22, 2012

Ok thank you ... and sorry for the duplicate.

I read the #4024 entirely but it is very old with a lot of comments and it is hard to understand what are the remaining issues ... is there a fix for 1.2 ?

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