Popup button does not respond when previously clicked/tapped to 'hide' the popup. iOS 6 #5400

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mox8iro commented Dec 23, 2012

Hi all,
I am fairly new with JQuery mobile and javascript in all.

I have noticed the following behaviour:

browser: safari on iOS 6, iphone 4s
url: http://jquerymobile.com/test/docs/pages/popup/options.html

test Case:
1)scroll down to the button with title : "Position to window"
2) tap the button to open to popup. popup shown correctly.
3) tap again, the same button to close the popup. popup closed correctly. ( I understand that, the user can tap anywhere in the page to hide the popup, which includes the button as well. )
4) try to tap the same button again to re-open the popup. The button remains "taped" and the popup is not shown.

Reproducible: frequently. Not always on the first try. but will happen for sure if one insists on trying.
It does not happen when tapping on a different place on the page.
As far as i can understand, when tapping at the button to hide the popup, it actually clicks the button before hiding the popup but without invoking any function.

This does not happen on my iMac safari, but it does happen on my iPhone with iOS 6.
Havent tested it on any other platform. This also happens in my development.
Additionally, it happens exactly the same when building it with phoneGap.

Kindly find attached a screenshot from iOS 6 safari :

Searched for duplicate issues but could not find any.
Is this a bug? or is it an expected behaviour?




Thanks for reporting the issue. I can confirm the problem.

ldeluca commented Nov 3, 2014

@mox8iro @jaspermdegroot I went to try to reproduce this but my version of xcode doesn't even allow me to download an older ios 6 simulator. Can you guys confirm whether or not this is still an issue since it's almost 2 years old? If it is then I'll try to figure out how to get my local environment working. Thanks


@mox8iro i tried on my iOS 6 device and i could not reproduce this is very old and we have made substantial changes to the library and the demos since this time i'm going to close this. If any one still sees this problem comment and we will reopen.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Nov 3, 2014
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