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Hello, I have an app on IOS ,Android and blackberry and I'm working on a WP7 version.
I use jquery mobile ( with phonegap.

My test Device is a Nokia Lumina 900, Software is Windows Phone 7.5

It seems that the view-port is somehow not re-sizing correctly and there seems to be some padding/white space at the bottom of pages where content does not elongate the page.
4 out of 5 of the main pages have this issue, last one basically has enough content to push the footer down.

I DO have fixed-positioned headers and footers BUT on the first page , it has this issue even though it does not have headers or footers at all.
Removing fixed-positioned headers and footers on other pages does not fix the problem as well.

My viewport meta tag (tag content only because of markup ) is:
meta name="viewport" content="height=device-height, width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no

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Can you please provide a simple test page. See our JS Bin template in the contributing guidelines.



Edit: Added a screenshot , its quite dark, sorry, WP7 doesnt support screen capture without an app

Very stripped down , but it is replicated in my device (both deploying and going to the link in IE in the phone, but the address bar does cover some white part but it is still there).

Replaced my background image with black color background.


In your footer .css put bottom:-34px;


@corytam It's been over a year and half since anyone commented on this issue. Can you verify if it's still a problem with the latest jQM? We're doing some issue cleanup.

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This is old and with old theme im going to close this as stale if this is still an issue comment and we will reopen this.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Nov 5, 2014
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