Listview breaks when used without .ui-page #5429

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jzaefferer commented Jan 9, 2013

Trying to use the listview widget standalone, I'm getting an exception in the _createSubPages method, where it looks for parentList.closest( ".ui-page" ), then access the first item of that without ever checking if it actually found anything. Since in my case there is no parent page, it throws a something-something is undefined exception.

If someone tells me how to put together a jsfiddle/jsbin with a custom build, I'd do that. But it should be really easy to reproduce anyway. Just load listview and its dependencies on a page, add a <ul> and call .listview() on that.


jaspermdegroot commented Jan 9, 2013


We are aware of this. It's on the roadmap for 1.4 to make all widgets work outside a page as well.


jzaefferer commented Jan 9, 2013

Good, that's something. Is there a feature ticket or something that could replace this?

Either way, I managed to get the listview initialized by adding a <div class="ui-page"> as a parent element. Removing that class after initializing the listview even makes the listview visible.


jaspermdegroot commented Jun 13, 2013

Closing as fixed by commit 4973827.

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