MoveHandler Test in iOS 5.1.1 safari failed #5437

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Now I'm testing jQuery Mobile by QUnit Test Suits.

I tested by Android 4.0.3 native browser, iOS safari browser, Windows IE.
In one test, only iOS safari failed.
The test is :
The "move handler returns when touchstart has been fired since touchstop" test failed only in iOS safari.

Please teach me why this test is failed.
Is this fatal problem?


I can confirm 51 test failures in the event unit tests running them on master on iOS 5.1.1 we will need to look into this.

@n-hamade I would not worry too too much about this right now there have not been any issues reported to custom events on iOS. So this does not seem to be causing any issues currently however we will need to look into the cause of these failures to ensure there are no underlying problems.

UPDATE: This only happens in iOS5 6 passes "move handler returns when touchstart has been fired since touchstop" test but fails all the rest that ios5 does which are all global failures assertion outside test context

UPDATE 2: the 50 additional failures are only triggered if you touch the screen after the tests complete. IT will show 72 of 72 passed then if you touch screen it will trigger 50 global failures.


Thank you.
I'm relieved to your comment.
Currently, I'm going not to be anxious about this failure.

Is there no need to completely success to run Unit Tests attached to "jquery-mobile-master" ?
There are still other failure, but I think some of tests are inevitable.
For example, "detects functionality from basic negative properties and attributes (where possible)":
Don't you think all browser that have "orientation" property in global object surely fail in this test ?


I'm going to close this we are no longer landing fixes for safari 5.

@arschmitz arschmitz closed this Aug 26, 2014
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